Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Froggy Birthday Party: Davis Turns Two!

Davis turned the BIG 2 last week, and we celebrated in "froggy" fashion on Saturday with a house full of family and friends!

Olivia and I made the "Hoppy Birthday" bunting banner.  We picked up a pack of multi-shaded, green card stock from Michaels (to go along with our green frog theme) along with felt frog stickers and mini clothespins.  I cut out triangles for the bunting, and Olivia punched two holes in each triangle.  We threaded some black yarn that I already had on hand through each hole.  I used an extra-wide, white chalk marker to draw on the letters and outlined each letter in black "stitching" with a black marker (though it doesn't show up in the pics.)  Then Olivia helped me hot glue the felt frog stickers to the clothes pins.  We finished it all up by pinning the frogs to each triangle.  It made for a fun and easy project that Olivia was delighted to help with !

I ordered the mini frog beach balls from Amazon!  We had them scattered along the front walkway and on the front porch to greet party guests!  They also made an appearance on the dining room table as decorations!  As an added bonus, Davis' friends took them home as party favors (but somehow I'm still left with a stack of them in the garage...hum???)

All the kiddos spent the afternoon playing hard!

Davis L.O.V.E.D. his Power Wheelz Arctic Cat....well, until he found that it moves!  

Olivia sure had a blast on it!!

It took Davis until Sunday to actually ride on it!  But now he loves it!  He's still not interested in driving himself, but he loves to ride around the yard with Olivia!  It's soooooo funny to watch them!

Davis had a blast with all his friends!

Thank you to everyone who came to make D's birthday so "hoppy" and sweet!



Thursday, September 4, 2014

Guest Bedroom Reveal

This is the project that just wouldn't quit.  And not because it was complicated.  I would just do a little work then stop for days.  

Ok.  Weeks.

Ok. Ok!  Months.  But whatever.

We finished up the guest bathroom a couple of weeks ago.  You can see it here.  

As far as the guest bedroom goes, here's where we started.

Really, the only good things about this room were the walk in closet, the wide crown molding, and the fact that it gets lots of afternoon sun through the double window.  Other than that, it needed lots of love!

After giving the ceiling a fresh coat of paint, painting three walls Benjamin Moore China White, and painting an accent wall Benjamin Moore Van Courtland Blue, the room sat like this for months.

Over the past few weeks, I've been working to get 'er done so that Kevin and I could move on to bigger and better projects around here!

So here's the room now...

I'm still thinking on some ideas for a quick-and-easy, inexpensive, and temporary headboard.  It needs to be temporary because (crossing my fingers) I hope to get a king-size bed for Kev and me (one of these days) and move our queen sleigh bed up to this room!

I made these little side tables for about $12 each (I think?)  

I bought this stain grade round table top at Lowes along with 2 wooden decorative corbels.  Kevin cut the table top in half with the circular saw, and I painted everything white.  In no time flat, I had two nightstands!!

This white wicker armoire has a bit of a history.  I got it for free from my freshman year roommate's boss (did you get all that?!?)  Since then, it's been in my room at Mama and Daddy's house.  Mama has been trying to pawn it off on me for years, but we just didn't have a place for it at our old house.  But now that we have a dedicated guest room, the freebie armoire that Mama and I hauled all the way from Charleston all those years ago has a new home here!

I painted this little flower pot at church this summer during a little get-together with some girls I have the pleasure of serving with!  I plopped in some greenery and spanish moss that I had on hand stuffed back in a closet.

This chair has a story, too!  Mama found it and thought of me!  (Sweet!!)  It was $4 and some change, and she just knew I could bring it back to life!!

For now, I tucked a quilted pillow sham (that Mama tried to sell at one of our yard sales a few years back.  It didn't sell, so she gave the pair of shams to me.  I love them, and have held on to them in hopes of using them on my king-size bed that I'll hopefully one day get!) around the seat cushion.  I'm on the hunt for some fabric to recover that seat!

And here's my little destroyer big helper hard at work today.  He stayed busy undoing things faster than I could snap the pictures.  He also dumped baby powder all over his face and shirt just before this pic.  OH MY GOOD GRACIOUS...this kid is a M.E.S.S.

So that's it for the guest room.  I can't officially call it done until I figure out a solution for the headboard and recover that seat cushion, but, for now, it's done enough!



Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Guest Bathroom Redo: It's Done!

It's been a long time coming.

We started this little bathroom transformation back in late January.  I painted the ceiling a smoky blue and Kevin and I started to hang bead board wallpaper.  After only getting about 1/3 of the paper hung, we stopped.  I think we just lost our steam, you know!?

So the bathroom sat like this for months...

The "in progress" project all those months ago with 2/3 of the bathroom sporting the flat, pale yellow original paint...

And 1/3 of the bathroom sporting the unpainted bead board wallpaper...

Our only motivation to finish up the bathroom and adjoining guest bedroom was that we wanted to tackle some projects in our kitchen, but we didn't want to start a new project with an old one still looming over our heads.  

So after a few days of hard work, I'm sooooo very happy to have the bathroom checked off our to-do list!!

It's now fresh, clean, and bright!  I used a semi-gloss white on the bead board which bounces all kinds of light around this small, windowless bathroom!  I'm still on the hunt for a little something to hang above the towel bar that's above the toilet, but other than that, this project is D.O.N.E!

Up next...the guest bedroom.  I have a few things to hang, then I'll post pics!



Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day of K...

...Kindergarten that is!

Olivia requested Mickey Mouse pancakes, bacon, and fruit for breakfast to which I said, "You've got it, sweet girl!"

Olivia was super chatty all morning before we left the house.  I'm sure it was nervous chatter!  Once we got to school and found her class inside the auditorium, she was all smiles, but I could tell she was  a little uneasy.  In spite of the nerves, she did great!  No tears (from Olivia, me or Kevin!)  We all held strong!  Once she found a seat next to another girl in her class, Kevin and I waved goodbye and left.  This stuff isn't easy, y'all!

Olivia's sweet teacher brought her to the car this afternoon and said Olivia had a really great day (other than shedding a few tears right at dismissal time.)  Apparently, things got a little chaotic shifting around bus riders, car riders and daycare riders what with it being the first day and all, and the upheaval was a little too much for little girl.  I'm sure that will work itself out in the next day or two.  But once she was in the car and we were on our way home, she was all smiles as she recounted the day!  

Of course, we couldn't let this milestone pass us by without at least a little party!   So while Olivia was off at school, Kevin, Davis and I went to the Dollar Tree to round up some festive decorations!

Olivia had lots of surprises waiting on her from Nana and Grandma and Mommy and Daddy!

Thank you, Nana, for the sweet card and oh so girlie notebook!

And thank you, Grandma, for the books and gift cards!

Here's hoping the rest of Olivia's week is just as smooth as today!